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XT225 FAQ - Wheels & Tires


What are your tire recommendations for my XT225?

What tires do you recommend for the XT225? I do about 50/50 off-road and on-road riding. I am also thinking of putting a set of pavement only tires on it for commuting, what tire would you recommend for that?


I have had good luck with several dual sport tires. A good tire that is available for a decent price is the Michelin T63. This tire works fairly well on pavement for what is more of a dirt oriented tire that has a knob pattern inspired by their Dakar-winning Desert tires. They’re well-suited to small-displacement dual-sports that see a good amount of off-road use. Another good choice is the IRC GP1. These are a bit more aggressive towards off-road riding than the stock tires, but not as much as the T63. Kenda and Shinko make a tire very similar to the GP1 that are also good. If you are looking at a pure street tire, check out the Dunlop D404. These are actually designed for middleweight cruisers and work really well as long as you are sticking to the pavement.


Anything better than the stock XT225 wheels?

The stock wheels on the XT225 can be a weak link in the overall package. Is there another wheel that fits simply and easily and is stronger?


I understand that the TTR225 wheels are much stronger and are pretty much a bolt-on conversion for the rear. The XT brake shoe assembly is compatible and everything. For the front, the only issue is that the TTR wheel does not have a speedo gear at the wheel. You should (note I said SHOULD) be able to use the stock XT speedo gear in place of the TTR spacer. If that doesn't work, you should be able to use the stock TTR spacer, but that will mean no speedo. That might be just the excuse you need to ditch the stock speedo unit and install a Vapor digital speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge and more! Click here to see all that it can do.

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