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Valve Shim Kit


Includes three 7.48mm diameter valve shims of each size from 1.20 to 3.50 in .05 increments. 141 shims in total. Such a deal at just 57 cents per shim!


Hi Pressure Radiator Cap

The higher pressure in the radiator raises the coolant boiling point and increases protection from coolant loss due to overheating.

23 PSI - 1.6 Bar


New! 071015

DG Performance V2 Slip-on

(Made in USA)

The V2 Series Slip-On muffler features an aluminum body, TIG welded components, stainless steel inlet tube and a great new look. This Lightweight Slip-On weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

The DG Performance systems offer increased throttle response, power and torque. Standard sound level is approximately 98 db. Equipped with a US Forestry approved spark arrestor.


Hi-Flo Oil Filter Value 10-Pack

Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

You pay $3.40 per filter with our value 10-pack!

Select Items:

Cycle Performance Exhaust Wrap

Set your bike apart with a custom exhaust look. Withstands direct heat up to 2000°F

  • 2"x25' wrap available in black or natural
  • 4ea stainless steel tie wraps
Select Model

DG Quiet Insert

The 1" Quiet Insert will shush up the sound level of the DG pipe from about 99db down to about 96db. Definitely takes the sharp edge off the bark.

Fuel Systems and Intake

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Extended Fuel Mixture Screw

KLX250S '06-'12

The extended fuel mixture screw makes it much easier to fine tune the idle mixture. This screw is made specifically for the stock OEM Kawasaki Keihin carburetor. It's a nice addition to installing a jet kit or any other performance mods.


Uni Air Filter

KLX250 '94-up
  • Designed to fit in the factory air box exactly like original filter
  • The best selling replacement air filter for competition motorcycles and ATVs
  • Unique two stage design allows for easy and complete cleaning
  • Dual layer of foam, can be serviced separately
  • Thin Ultra Seal base is virtually impossible to tear and has a built-in "Grease Groove"
Select Kit:

Evolution Air Filter Oil

This advanced filter oil kit by No Toil is alcohol free, completely biodegradable and compatible with all foam filters.

  • Offers superior protection
  • Waterproof yet easy to clean
Select Type:

Small Fuel Filters - 90 Degree or Straight

The small size and right angle hose barbs make it easier to fit into the small space between your fuel petcock and carburetor. Filter body is only 7/8" diameter. Straight filter is 2" long, 90 degree filter is only 1 5/8" long.


Dynojet Jet Kit

KLX250S '09-'10
  • Provides a simple and affordable solution to carburetor tuning problems
  • Allows you to tune your bike for increased power and smoothness while retaining fuel economy
  • Includes a guide booklet on how to install and use your jet kit to it's full potential


K&N Air Filter

KLX250R '94-'07
  • Increased air flow over the stock air filter
  • Designed to increase horsepower and throttle response
  • Designed to fit inside the factory air box
  • Larger surface area over foam filters which offers longer service intervals in dusty conditions
  • Four layers of premium cotton gauze provides outstanding filtration
  • Washable & re-usable, never wears out
  • One filter will last the lifetime of your bike


K&N Filter Care Kit

For K&N filters only

A six step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N air filter

  • Completely restores airflow efficiency
  • Kit includes filter oil, and filter cleaner


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Select Color:


2.6 Gal. Clarke Fuel Tank

KLX250 '09-Current
  • More range at a great price. Choose  the 2.6 gallon tank for the newer KLX250S in Black, Green, Natural or White
  • This tank will NOT fit the 2006-2008 models!

!  Ships Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?

Select Color:


2.7 Gal. Clarke Fuel Tank

KLX250 '06-'08
  • More range at a great price. Choose  the 2.7 gallon tank for the KLX250S in Black, Green, Natural or White
  • This tank will NOT fit the 2009-2013 models.

!  Ships Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?

Select Color:


Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender

Universal design. Vents in the back improve airflow to motor. Smaller front reduces 'wind steer' and improves high speed stability.

!  Front fender orders ship Parcel Post Only! within the US.   Why?


Helmet Lok

Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, jacket or on our belt loop, HelmetLok is designed to lock your helmet to any bike using the handlebar or frame as an anchor point.

Don’t be weighed down carrying your helmet around anymore. Just use the simple to operate, carabineer-style HelmetLok and you can secure your helmet using the convenient outward opening mechanism. The combination can be reset to the number of your choice. Enjoy the security and freedom of HelmetLok.

Select Model:
Optional Add on:


Seat Concepts Seat Kit

KLX250 '93-up

Seat Concepts dual-sport/adventure seat-kits incorporate a wider seating area for the rider, which results in more even weight distribution, while reducing pressure points. Each individual seat model has been specially designed to increase comfort without compromising rideability. The more aggressive the bike, the more aggressive the seat-kit.

Each kit contains detailed instructions for easy "Do It Yourself" installation. This provides the highest level of quality & comfort at an affordable price.

Click here to check out the new seat warmer we carry.

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • Seat orders ship Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?


Moose Seat Warmer Kit

click to enlarge

9" by 9" carbon fiber seat warmer that goes between your cover and the foam to keep your backside happy on those really cold days. This improved design produces 25% more heat than most other warmers using just 30 watts.

Kit includes the warming unit, with connector, 24" extension cable, rocker-type on/off switch and stub to splice into your wiring along with complete detailed instructions.


Skid Plate

(Made in USA)KLX250 '07-'09
  • Made from strong and lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Protects vital engine parts from rocks and debris
  • Custom fit to your specific bike model
  • Oil drain hole for easy access
  • All mounting hardware included


New! 031414

JNS Engineering Rear Master Cylinder Guard

KLX250 '09-'Current (Made in USA)

Protect that vulnerable rear master cylinder with this thick aluminum guard from JNS Engineering. CNC laser cut then bent and given a clean black powdercoat finish. Includes new flanged button head bolts and aluminum spacers.


Doubletake Mirrors

These are some top notch dual-sport mirrors. The holder is made from nylon and fiberglass and they are extremely durable. Combine that with the ability to fold out of the way when you head off-road makes them a very attractive addition to your bike. The mirror is a SAE specification convex mirror providing excellent rearward visibility.

The 3" arm is aluminum and provides a sturdy connection between base and mirror when tightened down.

The Doubletake mirror is easy to fold over, remove or even swap between bikes. The mirror is 4" diameter and has an overall length of 8.5". The RAM arm is 3" long. RAM Ball Stud Base will go into almost any mirror base with a 10mm by 1.25 thread. If you need to have a mount for your mirror, click here to see our split clamp mirror mount and mirror mount adapter, both on our Dual-Sport page.

Sold each. If you need a set, please order 2.


Folding Dualsport Mirror

This new mirror screws into your stock mirror mount but can be folded out of the way when it's time to hit the trails. These are quite similar to the very popular KTM folding mirrors but at half the price of the KTM part. Fits either left or right side.


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Select Sprocket:


Countershaft Sprockets

KLX250 '07-'09

High quality steel front sprockets from 12 teeth to 16 teeth.

Select Chain:

520 EK O-Ring Chain

Quality made chain from EK Chains. The stock chain length for the stock 14-42 gearing on the ´06 & ´07 models, or the 13-42 gearing on the ´09 to Current models is 106 links. If you have the KLX250SF SuperMoto version with 13-39 gearing, that will still take the 106 link chain.

If you run 45 or larger on the rear, you might want to opt for the 108 link chain. All of these chains come with a clip type master link (spares can be ordered below).

Select Clip Type:


EK Chain Master Links

Spare master links for the chains sold above. Choose either clip or rivet type.

Select Sprocket:


Rear Sprockets

KLX250 '07-'09

High quality steel rear sprockets from 42 teeth to 53 teeth.


Sprocket bolts

A set of six high quality grade 10 sprocket bolts with locknuts. Threadlock compound has already been applied for extra security.


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Lowering Link 1"

  • Very light weight
  • Stronger than stock
  • Front end stability improved and rear end tracks straighter
  • Lowers bike 1"
  • Anodized in black
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Lowering Link 1.75"

  • Very light weight
  • Stronger than stock
  • Front end stability improved and rear end tracks straighter
  • Lowers bike 1.75"
  • Anodized in black
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Linkage Bearing Kit

Complete high quality kit to replace the bearing and seals in the KLX250S shock linkage. Includes the lower shock bearing.


Swingarm Bearing Kit

Complete high quality kit to replace the bearing and seals in the swingarm pivot.


Steering Head Bearing Kit

  • A set of high quality replacement steering stem bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings provide decreased maintenance along with less wear, smoother operation and longer life
  • Kit comes complete with both upper and lower taper bearing cups, cones, and most include top and bottom seals


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Select Year

Select Rims

Select Hubs


ProCycle SuperMoto Excel 17" Wheel set KLX250S

Complete set of supermoto wheels. We custom build our wheels to fit your bike!

Our Supermoto wheels are carefully laced and trued to provide you with a solid, high-quality wheel.

We use Excel or Sun rims and Buchanan's heavy gauge stainless steel spokes and heavy-duty nipples. All bearings and seals come pre-installed. All the wheels we build allow the use of stock rotors and sprockets.

  • RAD billet aluminum or OEM hubs with bearings and seals
  • Excel or Sun 3.5"x17" front rim, clear-anodized aluminum
  • Excel or Sun 4.25"x17" rear rim, clear-anodized aluminum
  • Buchanan's stainless steel heavy gauge spokes and zinc-plated nipples

! All our wheels are custom built to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Once ordered, custom wheels, rims or spokes cannot be cancelled or returned.

Select Size:

Heavy Duty Tubes

  • Heavy-duty tubes made specifically for off-road and or motocross
  • German made, these are the sturdiest, highest quality tubes on the market
  • 3mm thick natural rubber construction helps resist pinch flats and is easier to patch than butyl rubber
  • Straight metal valve stem
Select Size:

SuperMoto Tubes

Designed for bikes that use tubes with radial tires, like supermoto and retro bikes with spoked wheels. Straight metal valve stem. Fronts fit 120/70 and 120/60. Rears fit 150/60, 150/70 and 160/60.


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Select Pad Type:

$49.95 to $55.95

EBC Brake Pad Sets

KLX250 '06-'12

Please be sure and select the pads for your correct model year! Each order includes front and rear brake pads.

  • Sintered Pads are best for regular riding. Long life, and good performance in all conditions
  • Sport Carbon pads are made for fast riding in dry conditions. Not recommended for mud, water, or sand


Billet Rear Brake Clevis

Bling for your bike. This sweet blue anodized billet piece replaces the stamped steel clevis that connects your brake pedal to the master cylinder.


Lighting & Electrical

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Select Battery:

$106.95 or $149.95

Shorai Power Lithium-Iron Battery

KLX250 '06-'12
  • No more dead batteries
  • Holds charge for one year without maintenance
  • Two to four times the life of lead-acid batteries
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Case
  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
  • Ultra light and compact - You could easily carry a spare!

LFX09 measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 2.25", weighs 1 lb 4 oz and is rated at 135 cranking amps.
LFX14 measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 2.25", weighs 1 lb 10 oz and is rated at 210 cranking amps.
For reference, the stock YTX7L-BS weighs 5.1 lbs and is rated at 100 cranking amps.

Each Shorai battery includes self adhesive foam panels to achieve a snug fit in your battery box.


Shorai Charger

You can charge your Shorai battery with a regular battery charger but if you want the very best for it, this charger is designed for optimum performance by balancing the individual cells in the battery. Balanced charging ensures the battery reaches its fullest capacity and longest life. 'Store' mode allows long term long term maintenance storage.

Shorai Charge/Store Dedicated Battery Management System for Shorai LFX only. 2A Max charge rate, connects via BMS 5-pin port on LFX batteries. Includes modes for full charge, or long-term storage. Input USA 110~120V 50/60 Hz.

For Shorai Lithium Iron batteries only


Weatherproof USB Power Port

click to enlarge
click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Just got a new GPS unit? (If not, click here to see the one you need.) Then you need a power outlet to keep it going more than a few hours. This USB Power Port is just the setup you need. This kit consists of a fused (7.5A mini Blade type) harness that goes back directly to the battery for simplicity sake. The USB connector has a convenient mounting pad that will attach to a handlebar or anything else that is accessible.

The 3BR Powersports patented seal design keeps out dust and water when in use. When not in use, the cap keeps water and crud out. Plug in the appropriate cable and it is just as sealed while in use. No more seal caps that have to be opened or removed to plug in your accessory. Baryl power ports mate as a sealed set.

  • Input Voltage: 12V ± 4.0V
  • Output Voltage: 5V ±.25V
  • Output Current: 1A Max.
  • 3BR Powersports Universal Mounting System
  • Powers Garmin GPS as well as most cell phones and any other device that charges using 1A or less of USB power.

See the box below for the correct cable that will connect from the Power Port to your device.

Select Cable:

Weatherproof USB Connector Cables

Most likely, one of the three following cables will connect your device to the USB Power Port shown above. Read the specifics of each below to Order.

In the three images below, from the left, the first two are the Garmin Nuvi cable, the next two are the USB A to USB Mini cable while the final two are the USB A to the USB Micro cable.

Click here for a list of devices that fit the different cables.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
Select Kit:

12V LED Flashlight/Charging System Indicator

This great little 6-LED flashlight goes right into your Battery Tender type plug for hours of light. In addition, it has a charging system check that lets you know if your bike is charging properly. All with a 40 inch cord so you can see in those out of the way places when you need to.

Don't have a cable from your battery? Well, select the package and we will include a cable that goes from your battery to a SAE type connector to plug in your light or charge your battery when at home. This is a fused circuit to protect your battery.



New! 012715

3800 Lumen LED Headlight Bulb

New and improved. Brighter (3800 Lumens), better low/high beam contrast, smaller, lower Kelvin color temperature (5500K), replaceable drivers and easier to install. All of these features and the most reliable LED bulb currently available. It only draws 20 watts.

This bulb fits H4 bases only, has Cree XML2 emitters and is fan cooled for extreme conditions. Further features include vibration proof and water-resistance, even complete submersion.


Heavy Duty 12V H4 Bulb

KLX250S All

This is a standard H4 bulb that has an 90 watt low beam and a 100 watt high beam. This is an easy lighting upgrade that should not over tax a stock charging system.

Select Kit:

Micro-Start Portable Jump Start and Power Supply

Check it out - a device that you can keep in your fanny-pack, backpack or even pocket that can jump-start your motorcycle or car. It will also charge your cell phone, GPS unit or other electronic device. Welcome to the XP-1 and XP-3, the world's smallest Personal Power Supply.

At only 6" long, 3" wide, just 1" high and weighing only 14 oz, this is the smallest jump starter and PPS in the world. The Lithium battery at the center of this amazing kit can hold a charge for up to a year. A built in Hi-Power LED flashlight will make sure you can find your way in the dark as well. You can rest assured knowing that you will be able to start your vehicle or charge all your electronic devices, wherever you are.

Click here to see the entire contents of each kit.

Click here for a recent review by Dirt Wheels magazine of this amazing product.

Choose Package:

New! 082715

Koso Mini 3 Temp/Clock/Volt Gauge

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

This Mini 3 meter was designed to help you monitor basic information before and during a ride. Check the condition of the battery before leaving and the voltage of your system during the ride. The ambient temperature function will give you a good reference about how to dress prior to and what is happening during your trip. It can be very handy to know if the temperature is near or below freezing. The large clock makes it easy to know if you are on schedule or not.

Dimensions: 2.4" W x 1.2" H x .5" D.

Available for the Mini 3 is a nicely crafted mounting plate that allows you to place your new gauge wherever you like.


LED 12V Turn Signal Flasher

Works with LED type turn signals. For DC (battery) systems only.


LED Turn Signal Resistor Kit

Allows LED type turn signals (and low wattage flush mounts) to flash using a standard flasher unit. Connectors included. One kit works with 4 signals. 


LED Signal Diode Kit

This Diode Kit is only necessary if you have a single indicator for your turn signals. One dash light for both left and right signals (such as on the DR650).

This kit allows power to flow in just one direction from the LED signals to the indicator light regardless of which direction you are signalling.


LED Taillight/Brake Light Bulb (1157 Type)

A LED Taillight/Brake Light bulb uses considerably less energy than a standard filament type bulb. LED brake light will draw approximately 1 watt while a filament type draws in excess of 15 watts! This means less power draw from batteries on total loss systems and additional power for accessories on regular systems.

Select Package:


USB Device Charger

This mini USB device connects to a battery cable with a SAE connector (just like the typical Battery Tender outlet) and allows you to charge your iPad, iPod, iPhone, GPS unit, camera or Smart phone. Input is 12 Volts, but output to the USB port is just 2.1A maximum, perfect for your phone or low voltage electronic devices.

Select Mount Type:


New! 101215

RAM Cell Phone Mount

A complete kit to mount your phone (or other electronic device) to your motorcycle. The cradle expands from 2.25" to 3.25" wide and 4.75" to 6.25" tall. The width is adjustable but fixed while the upper portion of the cradle is spring loaded to keep your device secured in the roughest conditions.

Select the mount option that works best for you. The mirror mount is shown in the photo at left and is a flat plate with an 11mm hole on one side and a RAM ball on the other. Simply remove your mirror, place the plate between your mirror and the perch and tighten it down.

The handlebar mount kit allows you to mount to either a 7/8" or 1-1/8" bar. Also includes hardware to mount to the back of a lever perch. See image at bottom right for kit pieces.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge


New! 101515

Noise Isolating Earbuds

click to enlarge

These lightweight ear buds function just like any other set of ear buds, yet form a much better, and more comfortable seal, which helps put the music (or phone calls, or GPS instructions or whatever) where it matters most. The unique earplug design ensures that extraneous wind or engine noise is blocked and more sound from your audio device is channeled straight to your ear.

A low profile allows them to easily fit under your helmet, giving you ear plugs as well as speakers. Total length of wire is 44", enough to reach just about anywhere you need.



click to enlarge

These simple add-ons stretch and grip to the finger of your favorite glove using Grrprr technology. Users can operate a phone or any touch screen device and never have to remove their nice warm gloves.

A special conductive material enables you to interact with capacitive touch screens quickly and easily. There are two ThumbDogs to each package so you can double digit type just like you would in the real world. You can also put one on your index finger to operate your GPS.


Luggage Racks

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Pro Moto Billet Rack

KLX250S 09-14/SF 09-10 (Made in USA)

Not only are Pro Moto Billet Cargo Racks brutishly strong and functional, but they look great too. Each cargo rack is methodically engineered, then CNC machined on-site from a 1/2 inch thick plate of USA made 6061 aluminum by master machinists.

Need to mount your turn signals to your new Pro Moto Billet Rack? Just add a set of CNC machined aluminum Turn Signal Brackets for $15.95 and that will be no problem. See bottom image.


Nomadic Racks Rotopax eXpander

KLX250S/SF '08-Current

This kit fits all Nomadic tubular type racks. (All flat stock racks are already Rotopax compatible!)

The upper image shows the kit, which includes all the hardware and instructions required. The lower image is just an example of what the eXpander looks like mounted to one of their racks.


Nomadic Racks Rear Rack

Weighs just 2 pounds for a full 11" x 11" storage area. Fully welded construction from 16 gauge mild steel tubing then powder-coated black textured finish. Rack has a rigid 4 point mounting system. Has tabs to allow mounting the stock tool bag. All hardware and detailed instructions included.

Select Size/Color:

ROK Straps

The ultimate stretch strap

These flat tie down 'stretch' straps are designed specifically for motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Carry anything on your motorcycle securely and without scratches with these flat - no hooks - tie down straps.

ROK Straps are a must have for any dual sport or adventure rider!

ROK Straps are a two-piece strap that has a quick-release buckle in the middle and loops on each end.
One end of the strap is a heavy duty nylon, the other has a strong stretchable section. Instead of hooks
that can slip or come undone, ROK Straps have a loop sewn in each end. you pass the buckle around
your frame, rack or other secure point and then back through the loop in the end making for a very secure
mount. With each end secured, connect the buckle in the middle and simply tug the slack end of the strap
until your load is firmly held in place.


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Saddlebags & Hard Cases

Choose from a huge selection of sidebags and hard cases from top brands.

  • Wolfman Luggage
  • Nelson Rigg
  • Giant Loop
  • Moose Racing

Tank Bags

Tank bags provide easy access to personal items and come in a variety sizes, styles, and colors.

  • Wolfman Luggage
  • Nelson Rigg
  • Giant Loop

Duffel Bags

Select from an assortment of sizes, designs, and brands.

  • Wolfman Dry Bags and Rolie's
  • Saddlemen Destination Pack
  • Givi waterproof bags
  • Firstgear Torrent bags

Top Cases

Top cases by Moose Racing allow easy access and transportation of items for long rides or daily commuting.

  • Expedition Aluminum Top Cases are a perfect match for the Expedition Side Cases. Available in 25 or 38 liter sizes
  • Expedition Hard Top Cases are perfect for daily commuting and errands around town. Available in 28 or 47 liter sizes

Fender Bags

Fender bags are perfect for carrying tools and tubes on any adventure.

  • Wolfman 1.25 Liter front fender bag
  • Moose Racing removable rear bag
  • Wolfman 3.5 Liter tool bag
  • Chase Harper rear fender pack


Luggage accessories to complete your luggage set.

  • RotoPax fuel and water containers
  • ROK Straps
  • Universal Mounting Kits
  • Much more!

Helmets & Apparel

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Dual Sport Helmets

We have put together a great list of dual sport helmets for any budget.

  • Arai XD-4 Dual Sport features great quality and looks
  • Shoei Hornet X2 for serious dual sport enthusiasts
  • Bell MX-9 Adventure new for 2015 is everything you want at a great price
  • AFX 41-DS Dual Sport features an inner flip down sun shield
  • Fly Trekker gives great quality and price

Rain Gear

Stay dry with quality rain gear by Frogg Toggs. Frogg toggs is committed to providing the best in affordable, innovative rainwear technology. ToadSkinz technology is a newly developed hybrid fabric that was engineered by the frogg toggs research team. This unique new material has the look and feel of a traditional polyester rain suit but with a non-woven inner layer that provides guaranteed waterproof and windproof performance in a lightweight garment with great breathability.


Choose from a great selection of Firstgear dual sport gloves.

  • Ultra Mesh Gloves
  • Kilimanjaro Gloves
  • Kathmandu Gloves
  • Cold Weather Gloves
  • Many More!


We have put some common sense dual sport items on our accessories section and will be adding stuff as we find it.

  • Hydration packs by Thor and Moose Racing
  • Backpacks from American Kargo and Moose Racing
  • Neck warmers and High-Vis vests

Dual Sport Apparel

Choose from top of the line jackets, pants and our every own ProCycle T-shirts

  • Kathmandu jacket and pants
  • Urge overkill Jacket
  • Adventure Mesh jacket
  • Firstgear Thermosuit
  • Kilimanjaro jacket
  • And more!

Heated Gear

Stay warm on those long winter rides with top of the line heated gear.

  • First Gear heated clothing features Nickel Alloy heating technology
  • Venture heated gear comes standard with harness and controller
  • Heat Pump Vest and battery powered gloves also available
  • Check out our Seat warmer and Heated grips


Our favorite dual sport boots have been tested and approved by the ProCycle staff.

  • New! 100115 Forma Adventure Boots
  • Icon Raiden DKR Boots
  • Alpinestars Scout Boots
  • Gaerne Balance Oiled boots

Accessories & Tools

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Select Model:


Vapor Speedometer / Tachometer

Standard Vapor

Stealth Vapor
  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Selectable MPH/KPH Display
  • Real-Time RPM Bar Graph
  • Numeric RPM Readout
  • Dual Programmable Shift Lights
  • Up to 20,000 RPM
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Engine Temperature (sensor included)
  • Dual Programmable Temp Lights
  • Clock, Hour Meter, Stop Watch, Ride Time, Accumulated Ride Time
  • Adjustable Distance, Permanent Odometer, Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display
  • Includes Power Connection, Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC, Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed, Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost

Click here to read a 'Ride Review' on the Vapor


Trail Tech Vapor Indicator Dashboard

  • Optional plastic dashboard with indicator lights protects the computer and places it in an optimum viewing position.
  • Included mounting bracket installs easily to triple clamp of most motorcycles.
  • Includes an assortment of indicator light lenses allowing customization to fit your needs.

Click here to read a 'Ride Review' on the Vapor & Indicator Dashboard by Jeff.


Trimax Rotor⁄Disk Lock

This lock is a must have for any rider. Features a 10mm hardened steel pin that will resist any attack.

Comes with carry pouch and a disc lock reminder cable. Includes three keys, one with a mini flashlight.


Mini Air Compressor

Portable 12v compressor is perfect for any tool kit. This unit weighs in at only 14oz and measures just 4"x2"x6".

Features a built in LED light and 0-120 psi gauge

• Comes with everything shown


Waterproof First Aid Kit


Kwik Tek waterproof first aid kit is the perfect size for your "Don't leave home without it" list.


Tirepro Digital Tire Gauge

  • Large display, readings are shown to 0.1 psi
  • Kpa and Kg-cm2 scales also provided
  • Reads up to 99 psi
  • Ergonomic shape fits nicely in your hand


Tire Bead Breaker

Changing tubes or tires without the right tools can be a real chore. Don't fight your snug beads any longer, use this 27" long tool that opens to 7-3/4" to provide the leverage you need to easily break your tire bead. Constructed from heavy-duty steel with comfortable no-slip grips, this tool makes the job a snap.


Warp 9 Valve Stem Puller Tool

This ultra-cool little tool is used to pull the valve stem through the hole on motorcycle rims saving your finger tips when changing tires, fixing flats or any time the tube has to come out of the rim. It threads inside the valve stem making it easier to pull through the rim hole. You can use it as a valve stem puller, valve core removal tool or a tire deflator.

Handle is CNC machined and has a threaded hole in each end, one to hold and protect the threaded end of the tool and one for a spare valve core (not included). Anodized blue for good looks and corrosion resistance.


Tow Strap

When you need the Buddy Tow, it's priceless! This is the only tow strap made expressly for motorcycles and ATVs. Tucked away in its carrying case attached to you handlebar or crossbar, the Buddy Tow is always ready when you need it.

This simple accessory - 12' of 1785 lb. test strength 1" webbing in a handy carry pouch should be a standard part of every rider's kit. Whether used to tie your bike down in a truck or ferry boat's car deck, tow a friend into the nearest gas supply or hold down a tent the Buddy Tow has endless uses.


Snapjack Portable Jack

The Snapjack is an easy to use, portable, sturdy jack for chain lubricating, adjustment and chain drive maintenance. Also simplifies cleaning. It can lift the rear tire up to 1/2" to allow the tire to spin freely. Includes front brake locking strap and handy carrying bag.


New! 060115

Deluxe Folding Saw

A must have when blazing new or old trails!

  • Soft rubber handle
  • Thumb latch release for safety
  • 8" blade, 9" folded length
  • Steel frame


Cycle Wipes

If you're like us, you've tried everything to clean bugs and grime off your helmet shield. Soap and water works great, but the worst bug attacks seem to know just when to strike, in the middle of nowhere, and don't even think about wiping that glove across that bug splat.

Cycle Wipes are pre-moistened and pre-folded towelettes made with a special non-woven "Dirt-Grabbing Mesh Fabric," which is a fancy way to say that they are soft, gentle, durable, and a lot safer than that old rag or paper towel. Their formula contains no harmful ammonia and is specifically formulated for motorcycle use as an all purpose cleaner for plastic surfaces, especially helmet face shields. Of course they also work great to clean up other bug blasted areas of your motorcycle, like headlights, turn signals, and auxiliary lighting.

Cycle Wipes are packaged 12 to a re-sealable envelope designed to keep them moist until ready to use. They are compact and convenient and easily stored in a jacket, tank bag or pocket. Grab a wipe, remove the bugs and continue your ride. Although Cycle Wipes are very gentle, remove gritty dirt and abrasive particles prior to cleaning. Cycle Wipes are not recommended for use with visor inserts.


Stash Box Locking License Plate Storage

The Stash Box is a weather resistant storage box that mounts between the motorcycle and the license plate. It is ideally suited to storing the vehicle registration and other small objects while remaining unobtrusive. The Stash Box has features that provide benefits over other motorcycle storage devices i.e., low cost, concealed mounting location, lockable, vehicle styling is unaffected, and easy accessibility.

  • Sized to work with all standard size license plates as well as the current Wisconsin and Ohio plates
  • External Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1" plus 1" on the width for the lock
  • Made from molded polypropylene
  • Includes all mounting hardware, retention pouch for paper documents, foam insert, lock and two keys


Mini-Morph Pump

The Mini-Morph is actually a bicycle pump, but is probably the best compact pump we have found for adventure / dual-sport riding. It has a fold-out foot and handle as well as a 4 inch hose so you can set it on the ground to pump. At only 10" long, it is small enough to pack anywhere.


Cable Luber

Keep your cables lubed up and working freely. This tool is used to inject lubricant into cable housing. Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be connected. Once lube runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated.


Fork Oil Level Gauge

Having the proper fork oil level is imperative to the handling of your bike. Setting the correct fork oil level is a snap with this fully adjustable gauge. The adjustable aluminum level plate can be set from 0 to 295mm. The oil reservoir has single milliliter markings up to 60ml.

Being able to accurately tune your forks by adjusting the oil level can make them better resist brake dive or bottoming. Oil level should be thought of as a fine tuning method to make your choice of spring rate work perfectly for your bike.


Waterproof Pouch Set

Keep your valuables and electronics dry with this three pouch set. Constructed from thick vinyl with triple fold and hook-and-loop closure to ensure contents stay dry.

  • 1ea 5"x7" pouch
  • 1ea 7"x10" pouch
  • 1ea 10.5"x13.5" pouch


Rim Protectors

Sold in pairs

Protect your wheels from scratches and dings caused by tire changing tools. Includes retrieval cord for easy use

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